What We Mean to Our Patients

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These goals are the focus of an EMA provider.

At Emergent Medical Associates, the most important part of our provider’s job is to strive to exceed expectations and to deliver the most positive and caring patient experience possible. EMA’s sole mission is to serve our community by providing high quality, cost-effective health care services in a compassionate, timely and respectful environment.

EMA knows our group is different because our patients tell us we are. We use patient suggestions and satisfaction surveys as a core indicator of the quality of our providers' services. Here are a few testimonials from our patients:


"Last year, I was rushed to Valley Presbyterian Hospital because of a car accident. I was terribly frightened and from the moment I arrived, I was treated by Dr. Mark Bell. He was so kind and understanding. He instinctively knew how very scared I was and stayed with me until my family arrived at the hospital. It was obvious that every member of the Emergency Room Staff was highly skilled and taught to take pride in their work. The entire staff shared the same priority – total patient care."

- Patient, Valley Presbyterian Hospital

Community Service

A Vital Part of the Communities We Serve

Improving the front lines of patient care is what EMA strives to achieve at each of our Emergency Departments. Hospitals play an integral part in the surrounding communities’ health and wellness and EMA has a stable Emergency Department model that preserves community services at the appropriate level of care. We understand that we are part of a critical “safety net” of services that are there for our communities when they need us most.


"I am writing to praise the care and dedication of Dr. Irv Edwards. A few years ago, I was rushed to Chino Valley Medical Center because I had suffered a heart attack. After being treated in the Emergency Department, I was transferred to the ICU. Everyday while I was in the ICU, Dr. Edwards stopped by to see how I was feeling. He is such a busy man yet, he took the time to speak with me. It meant so much because I didn’t have family nearby, and I think he could sense that I was scared and lonely. His visits brightened my days and lifted my spirits. I left the hospital determined to better my health. Last year, I found myself back at Chino’s Emergency Room but this time with a broken arm and I was so relieved when I saw Dr. Edward’s familiar face come around the corner. Thank you, Dr. Edwards for your compassion and for instilling that same kindness in each of your physicians and medical staff. "

- Patient, Chino Valley Medical Center

Hospital Administration

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How We Help Hospital Administration

EMA is a leading emergency department group in California that is currently serving 20+ hospitals seeing over 700,000 patients per year. EMA’s mission is to provide the best service possible to both its patients and clients. EMA’s core values include superior patient care, unmatched ED management, proven physicians, and uncompromising standards. With the combination of high-level providers and a superior executive management team, EMA has helped hospital administration teams enhance ED group stability, hospital financial performance, patient satisfaction and risk management.

Physicians Who Care

How We Care

EMA Providers represent the highest quality, most compassionate providers in the industry. Our physicians are board certified and residency trained. Our Mid-levels go through extensive training to learn the "EMA way." The bottomline: Our Doctors Care.

At EMA, we make sure the people we put on the frontlines are the best in the business. Read our testimonials and see what makes EMA Providers truly special.


"As an EMA physician, I’ve always respected the high standards we set for ourselves and admired the devotion the organization has to meeting these standards." "We continually review our own work to insure we are providing care that is above and beyond the community “standard of care.” We also continue to create new ways of providing care to our patients by integrating the latest diagnostic and therapeutic modalities into our care plans. With bedside testing, expedited patient flow procedures and the most up-to-date medications available to our doctors, we are always able to provide excellent care to the best of our abilities."

- Jason Greenspan, MD

"We are dedicated to providing the surrounding communities with total care in precious times of need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and we want members of the community to be reassured that…. When their newborn baby is sick at 3 a.m. that they will treated by a board certified physician…. When a family member suffers from a heart attack on a holiday an EMA physician will give them a 100% care when their regular doctor cannot see them….. If you are homeless and have no where to turn when you have the flu, know that an EMA provider will care for you and provide you with the best care possible….. We at EMA strive to go beyond the expected and deliver the most positive caring experience possible to our surrounding community members."

- Scott Brewster, MD

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