The EMA Effect

The EMA Effect is what our clients have labeled the performance improvement they have experienced post our arrival. Our focus on moving key benchmarks in the appropriate direction helps drive lasting results for our hospital clients.

The EMA Effect is an integrated set of management techniques that combine performance measurement with a relationship oriented approach. Using continuous evaluation, reassessment, and 360° feedback loops, we continually refine our processes.

  • Our goal is to drive key metrics in a direction that results in:

  • Increased per visit efficiency with decreased Length of Stay
  • Comprehensive chart review
  • Pertinent quality improvement monitors
  • Establishing an interdisciplinary committee within the department
  • COBRA/EMTALA education

Performance Metric

The EMA Effect

Closure Hours

Decreasing closure hours allows for paramedics to realize your ED is "always" open and can be relied upon

Paramedic Hours

To maintain increased paramedic runs, the ED will have to be known as "paramedic friendly" with quick offloads and a welcome atmosphere


A more well-run and efficient ED will allow quicker bed turnover resulting in a reduced need to transfer patients and an enhanced admit opportunity

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction will increase dramatically as patients will be seen in a timely manner by Board Certified physicians who truly care about the patient outcome


Increased paramedic runs and fewer transfers will help bolster the census and provide increased potential for admits

Left Without Being Seen (LWBS)

EMA's strategies, such as Provider is Triage, will help control ED patient flow, increased efficiency and reduce LWBS

ED Boarders

With the support of the hospital medical staff, boarding in the ED can be reduced, increasing bed utilization and reducing the need for closure hours

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