Continuing Medical Education


Emergent Medical Associate (EMA) is CME accredited by the California Medical Association, which is the ACCME-recognized continuing medical education (CME) accreditor for California. EMA has been accredited to provide CME to physicians since 2012. Our CME mission is to provide high quality education as it relates to risk management and the best policies and practices (evidence based where applicable) as it relates to mainly to Emergency Medicine Physicians. EMA does not accept Commercial Support for any of its CME activities.

As an CME accredited organization, we must follow a sets of CME standards that help navigate the process of providing CME education activities to providers that is informative, easily understood and physicians are able to apply what they learn to provide their patients better care with better patient outcome. Considering the diversity of patients and the many needs to better address their concerns, the State of California has approved new laws Assembly Bill (AB) 1195 and Assembly Bill (AB) 241 effective 1/1/2022, that all CME activities must include to help address cultural language competency and implicit bias concerns.

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