Emergent Medical Associates (EMA) has been serving the emergency medical needs of Californians for over two decades. Founded in 1991 at Mission Community Hospital in Panorama City, CA, EMA has enjoyed significant expansion in recent years as its reputation for excellence has grown. Our geographic coverage now includes over 20+ sites throughout the Western United States.

Our physician leadership evolved from Line doctors to ED Directors who developed unique strategies and tools along the way to help hospitals create more efficient emergency departments, focused on patient satisfaction and quality of care. These methods form the basis for the modern day EMA.

Throughout our history, EMA's founding physicians have been active participants in all aspects of the specialty including emergency department administration, legislative and political issues, regulatory concerns, community involvement, and the quality of the patient experience. Our physician leadership is nationally recognized for its advocacy efforts in helping to ensure that the "safety net" of emergency departments available to our communities remains in place and patient's rights are protected.

EMA has built a reputation based on the fundamentals of quality patient care, administrative excellence, and group physician empowerment. Throughout its expansion, EMA has adhered to these basic principles and is now a group of more than 475 providers. EMA's growth has been the direct result of the public's experience in receiving care in an EMA facility and hospitals seeking out EMA's expertise in the efficient operation of emergency departments.

EMA has continuously worked to create "Departments of Excellence" in each of our emergency departments. Our mission is to maintain this focus on excellence as we continue to deliver the highest quality of care to the communities we serve.

Corporate Overview

Emergent Medical Associates (EMA) is a leading provider of emergency care and episodic care management services to patients, communities, provider groups and hospitals throughout the Western United States. Our hospital clients include 20+ sites and care for over 900,000 patients annually.

Our providers, proprietary methods, management techniques, and uncompromising standards allow us to create ‘Departments of Excellence’ for our clients based on the provision of superior patient care to the communities we serve. Our highly analytical approach, objective performance measurement, and team-orientated approach creates an environment where our physicians thrive. Hospitals prosper and patients leave our facilities knowing they were treated in a timely, compassionate, and respectful manner.


Our mission is to maintain our leadership as an episodic care company by putting the patient and community first in everything we do. We strive to provide superior levels of care through the utilization of the highest quality providers available, and never forget that we are in the most noble of professions and must behave accordingly. We commit ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and seek to contribute to the best interests of our patients, our hospitals, our providers, the medical profession, our employees, and our communities.

EMA Overview

Emergent Medical Associates is a leading comprehensive episodic care management firm providing a broad array of services to our patients and clients through our management of Emergency Rooms. Below is a sampling of the services we provide:

  • Patients

  • Emergency and Urgent Care
  • After-care Instructions
  • Hospital Admission (if necessary)
  • Primary Care Physician Follow-ups & Visits
  • Hospitals

  • Provider Staffing: Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers
  • ED, Urgent Care and Fast Track Models
  • Performance Improvement
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Physical Plant Evaluation and Redesign
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Financial Analysis
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Providers

  • Total Practice Management
  • Contracting
  • Scheduling
  • Credentialing
  • Payroll
  • Revenue Cycle Management

In addition, EMA offers consulting services to other physician groups through its e-MSO affiliate, a leading emergency department management services organization and consulting firm.

EMA's Philosophy

To continue to be recognized for our clinical innovation, excellence, and integrity. To be a leader in translating cutting edge, academic, and technologically advanced practices, techniques and methodologies into practical applications in a community-based setting.

Focus on Stakeholder Satisfaction

What We Do

Treat each patient with the respect they deserve and always keep in mind that each patient represents a son, daughter, mother, or father who we will care for as one of our own.

Hospitals represent the backbone of community medical services and we remain focused on ensuring their viability and longevity.
We have a responsibility to our communities to be active participants in and advocates for their care. We will remain focused on protecting the rights of the community to quality care through our actions, or through legislative or judicial means.
Our physicians and mid-levels represent the face and lifeblood of our organization. We will provide them with environments that encourage the practice of medicine with sound and objective judgment, infrastructure to support the management of their careers, and tools to aid them in their goal to providing superior care on a daily basis.

Business Management and Long-Term Outlook

When managing our business, our primary intent is to achieve sustainable, long-term growth and not be distracted by short-term solutions that may have long-term consequences. We apply disciplined decision-making in managing our product portfolio and infrastructure investments, and remain diligent in building an "Organization of Excellence" to support our "Departments of Excellence."

People and Culture

We embrace our unique culture through our commitment to patients, our passion for clinical excellence, and our respect for the contribution of every individual. EMA obtains the top talent and incentivizes our providers based on performance. We set the expectations for high performance and strive to exceed those expectations. Our proven business practices ensure that we deliver on the EMA Mission.

Focused Goals of EMA Providers

EMA’s sole mission is to serve our community by providing high quality, cost-effective health care services in a compassionate, timely and respectful environment.

Patient Care

Practicing clinical excellence that leads to the right diagnosis the first time


Focusing on patients’ comfort and satisfaction throughout your ER visit

ER Management

Listening to your concerns, answering your questions, and discussing your treatment plan with you


Minimizing your wait time to get you back to your life

Growth Strategy

Our Vision and Goals

To ensure the viability of the hospitals where we work and the safety, health, and wellness of the communities we serve, we continue to build on our track record of excellence and expand our expertise in the management of episodic health care issues.

Goal #1: To build a more vertically integrated operation where we may create business management practices consistent with our vision.


Goal #2: To continue to invest in our infrastructure and expand our capabilities so that we may more fully serve all of our stakeholders.


Goal #3: To enhancing the quality of patient care and improving the experience of the patient encounter. Never being satisfied with the status quo and seeking to innovate on a daily basis.


Goal #4: To contribute to the creation of a national health care system that works, where patients can seek care in a timely, cost-effective and respectful manner.


You Have Questions, We Have Answers

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