Why Partner with EMA?

These are reasons why our clients selected us as their partner, and more importantly, remain with us to prosper. At EMA, we believe that by focusing on the success of the hospital, our success will follow.

EMA won’t tell you that our solution is the best and demand you conform to a standard set of rigors and practices. Instead, EMA offers solutions that are the best for your facility, taking into account the unique characteristics and attributes that differentiate your site and developing a customized plan to maximize the hospital’s potential.

Our hospitals call it the EMA Effect. We believe in implementing our vision and ideals on a daily basis with a relentless focus on doing the right thing. We have highlighted below what makes us different and unique from other management groups.

Reason #1
Track Record

A proven track record of success.

Reason #2
Result Driven

A results driven approach based on teamwork and trust.

Reason #3
Patient Care

A focus on patient care.

Reason #4

A desire for the best long-term solution.

A Proven Track Record of Success, A Tradition of Excellence

EMA has been providing sophisticated ED management since 1989 and has a history of significantly improving department performance at all EMA locations.

Known as turn-around specialists, our goal is to create departments of excellence. We settle for nothing less.

Results Driven, Performance Focused

EMA employs advanced analytical tools and techniques to monitor and evaluate the performance of each site. Through the establishment and tracking of objective criteria that feed our databases and drive our financial analysis, we gain keen insights into patient satisfaction, patient flow, CMS Core Measures, physician performance, and other qualitative and quantitative feedback measures. We use this information to make strategic decisions and mid-course corrections on a daily basis.

Superior Patient Care = Patient Satisfaction

Putting the patient first has been a key tenet of this organization since its inception. EMA strongly believes that what differentiates our group from others is our focus on patient satisfaction as a benchmark of emergency physician quality. We understand that keeping the patient happy is the number one form of risk mitigation available to a hospital. Our customer service orientation is based on building a relationship with the patient, resulting in improved patient outcomes, an educated use of hospital resources and potential referrals, and recurring service opportunities for the hospital. EMA has a proven track record of improving patient satisfaction scores at the sites we operate.

Patient Satisfaction Score Improvement





Arrival of EMA





Local and On-Site Physician Leadership

EMA understands that having local, on-site leadership is the only way to effect lasting performance improvement. Our goal is to establish a culture where each physician “takes ownership” of the practice when on duty. When assuming a new contract, we make sure that a senior EMA physician leader who is thoroughly versed in our tools and methods is working as the onsite medical director.

Team-Orientation, Enhanced Communication

EMA's long-term partnership orientation aligns our interests with that of the hospitals we serve. Attendance for every EMA physician is mandatory at EMA group meetings, hospital ER committees and ER administration meetings. EMA understands that we work FOR the hospital and WITH the medical staff as our colleagues. At all sites that EMA manages we have bi-monthly interdepartmental meetings involving nurses, registration staff, emergency department physicians and other associated departments.

The Silo Effect: Some hospital organizational structures inhibit the teamwork they are supposed to support due to direct report issues.

At EMA, we understand that closing the communication loop is the key to a successful emergency department. Cross functional meetings close the communication loop and support teamwork and consistency with patient treatment:

Expert Risk Management and Compliance

Managing risk begins with leadership and is a critical part of an EMA program. In addition to typical hospital risk management procedures, EMA establishes an on site intra-disciplinary committee focused on monitoring and implementing the EMA Risk Management Program.

  • These efforts include:

  • Site evaluation at start up and ongoing
  • Comprehensive chart review
  • Pertinent quality improvement monitors
  • Establishing an interdisciplinary committee within the department
  • COBRA/EMTALA education
  • Medical-legal consultation practice
  • Adherence to CME with state, board, and association requirements
  • Mandatory group physician attendance at appropriate committees
  • Physician accountability and education
  • Use of career Emergency Physicians who experience fair treatment
  • Maintenance of credentials and licensure
  • Coding and billing compliance
  • HCFA specialists
  • JCAHO specialists
  • State of the specialty 'aftercare' system EXIT WRITER

Motivated and Committed Providers

EMA’s physicians and mid-level providers are the best in the field. An EMA provider has an average of 10 Years of ED experience and has a vested interest due to productivity based compensation. Providers are trained extensively to treat patients courteously, promptly, and efficiently, as they are "customers". This results in diminished waiting times, efficient patient care,  increased paramedic traffic, and improved relations. EMA Physicians attend hospital department meetings and take an active role in the ED's in which they work.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

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