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Congratulations To Our EMA Director of the Quarter is Tae Eung Kim, MD!

Our AHP Spotlight of the Quarter is Christin Bawa, P.A.!

Medical School – 🩺 University of Michigan
Residency: 🥼 Loma Linda University – Residency and Fellowships

Dr. Kim has been EMA’s Medical Director at Corona Regional Medical Center for the past three years. He was inspired to enter the medical field by the infamous Hannibal Lecter: “I walked in on my siblings while they were watching ‘Silence of the Lambs’ during the scene where the SWAT team is raiding the building that Dr. Lecter's being held, and I asked them, ‘Oh wow, how many guys are that SWAT team going up against?’ My siblings answered, ‘Just one person, he's a doctor,’ and that's when I knew I had to become one too.” Since then, Dr. Kim has used his medical knowledge as a source of good, choosing to specialize in emergency medicine for its versatility and usefulness. “After all, you’re going to want an emergency physician on your team if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse!”

Outside of the hospital, Dr. Kim loves to read and write along with his wife Regina. Regina was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the pandemic, but is slowly improving and has reconstructive surgery scheduled for early March. Together, they have a 9 year-old daughter and 1 year-old dog. Dr. Kim is also an avid runner, participating in several marathons throughout the years and recently taking up running barefoot.

“I LOVE working for EMA!! I love the fact that we're big enough to get nationally recognized speakers at our conferences, but small enough that I can actually speak regularly with and receive advice from our founders and leaders. I love our innovativeness with things like POCUS and CME, and that we're data-driven with tools like StatHealth. Most of all, I love our values as an organization, that our culture is infused with humor and compassion, and the fact that even before the pandemic, everyone understood that we're all in this together.”

Dr. Tae Eung Kim

About Emergent Medical Associates
EMA, headquartered in El Segundo, CA, is a premier provider of physician staffing and practice management services for 25+ Emergency Departments and 2 Urgent Care Centers that treat almost 1M patients annually throughout California. EMA‘s comprehensive system of ED and UCC management is based on over 100 combined years of healthcare experience. Through its management company, Pacific HealthWorks, EMA exports best practices and innovative management techniques to Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers and other Emergency Department groups, helping improve patient care and ensure contract security. EMA's proprietary techniques are patient-focused and targeted on improving the daily operations of ED’s and UCC’s.

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