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Congratulations To Our Provider Spotlight of the Quarter!

Our Provider Spotlight of the Quarter is David Martinez, M.D.!

🩺 St. George’s University – Medical School
🥼 NYMC Metropolitan – Residency

When asked why he decided to become a doctor, Dr. Martinez said, “I am a first generation Cuban American whose family came to the US to give their family a better life. I wanted to honor the sacrifices made by my family and take advantage of the opportunities provided to me.” He aspired to be a doctor from a very young age and has always been aware of his love for science. One of the first volunteer opportunities he had was in the emergency room as a translator, where the fast-paced environment and personalities sparked an interest that carried him throughout medical school. Today, his favorite part of his job is taking care of his patients, and he is motivated by a desire to always grow both personally and professionally.

When he is not in the hospital, Dr. Martinez enjoys playing recreational sports, cycling, golfing, and supporting the Dodgers. He is a Southern California native and has two sons named Gabriel and Sebastian with his wife Cristina. He is proud to provide for his family and be someone that they can look up to as a role model.

David Martinez, M.D.

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