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2021 EMA Fellow

Congratulations To Our 2021 EMA Fellow!

EMA would like to welcome our 2021 Fellow, Carlee Carranza, DO!

Med School: New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine in Old Westbury NY
Residency: LAC+USC Medical Center

While Dr. Carlee Carranza was born and raised in New York, she also calls El Salvador home. After college, she worked as a volunteer in rural clinics, bartended, and surfed for two years. During those two years, she met her husband, Carlos, and has spent the last ten years traveling between New York, El Salvador, and South Dakota.

Her love for the field of emergency medicine and watching the leaders of the industry respond to the pandemic propelled her to start working behind the scenes as a leader. “As we went through the ups and downs, I realized that I have a passion for problem solving at an organizational level. The EMA-CMU Fellowship provides excellent exposure and training in ED administration, and I’m looking forward to working with a great group of people over the next year.”

When asked why she chose emergency medicine, she says “I didn’t choose emergency medicine, emergency medicine chose me.” During her clinical rotations, no matter where she was assigned, she was always finding an excuse to be in the emergency department. “I wanted to be the type of physician that was trained to handle any situation and work in a field where I would be forced to think on my toes and follow my intuition. Emergency medicine was perfectly suited for me, and I have loved being an ER doc ever since.”

Outside of work, Dr. Carranza and her husband enjoy bodyboarding and have recently opened a bodyboard shop down in his hometown in El Salvador. Her favorite part of the past year during quarantine was the day she received her first dose of the vaccine. “It was such a historical moment, and I remember walking away with a huge smile on my face and feeling such immense hope for the future,” she says.

Carlee Carranza, DO

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