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Congratulations To Our 2021 EMA Spotlight of the Quarter!

EMA’s Provider Spotlight of the Quarter is Sandra Thomasian, MD!

Med School: Chicago Medical School
Residency: University of Nevada, Las Vegas - EM Residency

Dr. Thomasian’s extroverted personality along with her self-proclaimed nerdiness for science steered her towards a path to becoming a physician. Some of her most memorable moments during her career has been during the current pandemic: “As emergency physicians we were truly called to action and placed at the forefront of history. I remember all the patients that I had to intubate and place on the ventilator because of COVID-19 and remember those who survived and are now on the other side of the disease. In many ways, I have had a hand in fighting this virus and have never felt so certain that I picked the right specialty than I do right now.”

Outside of work, Dr. Thomasian enjoys landscape and portrait photography as well as cooking with her instant pot and air fryer. Most of all, she is a tried and true bookworm. She is the founder of the “Literary Ladies” book club that discusses women-written novels that are relevant to the current times. She can also speak 4 languages: Armenian, Arabic, Spanish, and English. While Dr. Thomasian has always been structured and motivated, she says her two young daughters propel her to be her best self at all times.

Sandra Thomasian, MD

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