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Congratulations To Our Director Spotlight of the Quarter!

Our EMA Director Spotlight of the Quarter is Pranav Kachhi, MD!

Med School: Thomas Jefferson University
Residency: LA County USC Medical Center

Dr. Kachhi has been with EMA for almost 20 years. In 2013, he helped open a brand-new hospital, Temecula Valley, where he currently serves as the Medical Director of the Emergency Department. He also serves as the Regional Director for Riverside County. Recently he completed a 2-year term serving as Chief of Staff.

When people ask him why he became a doctor, he states: "There is no other field in which you can have such an incredible impact on someone's life when time is of the essence. I am humbled on a daily basis by the extreme skill and insight that our field requires!" For those starting their career in emergency medicine, Dr. Kachhi suggests the simple but effective method of having fun, being nice to your fellow providers, patients, as it will ultimately have the more important effect of allowing you to become an all-around happier/nicer person! This helps him avoid burnout as well as it ensures that he remains engaged both administratively and academically: “Staying involved and a dash of turmeric keeps dementia away!” Dr. Kachhi's current projects include helping to start an EM Residency program at Temecula Valley Hospital in July of 2021.

Dr. Kachhi is married and currently lives in Carlsbad with his wife. He grew up in Los Angeles but has lived in various parts of Southern California. Prior to COVID, his passions included traveling and sports. He loves all types of food, regardless of the region and enjoys watching shows like Curb your Enthusiasm!

Dr. Kachhi

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