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Congratulations To Our 2020 AHP Spotlight of the Quarter!

Our EMA AHP Spotlight of the Quarter is Michelle Roberts, PA-C!

Med School: Western University of Health Sciences - MSPA
Residency: University of California, Los Angeles

Michelle Roberts has been with EMA since 2014 as a PA. The key to her longstanding career? Avoiding what she refers to as “burnout.” Michelle recognizes the physical toll of her work but says that the mental component is the greatest challenge: “Whether patients roll in spitting, screaming, psychotic, intoxicated, or having a simple panic attack, the emotional stress can reach far beyond the physical demands of the job.” Despite the difficulties she faces, Michelle has found these challenges to be the most rewarding, reminding her why she first went into medicine in the first place. She notes, "If you treat every patient with dignity, the rewards are many and will keep powering you through the most challenging of shifts.”

Michelle draws inspiration from her patients, often striking up a conversation and sharing a few laughs while performing procedures. She notes that she is constantly learning from her patients, their experiences humbling her. Her advice in emergency medicine is to never become self-assured to the point of becoming inflexible. “Just as no two human beings are alike, two patients with the same diagnosis often present quite differently. There is no room for arrogance in patient care—confidence absolutely; but if you’re busy thinking you’re a rock star, you just missed something!”

Outside of the ER, Michelle spends time with her family and shares the day’s battle stories with her adult children. She loves travelling, photography, music, dance, and art forms of all kind. Spending time outdoors and enjoying high-antioxidant smoothies – in addition to adequate sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet – help her remain resilient, clear-headed, and prepared for long shifts.

Michelle Roberts, PA-C

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